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Best thing on the internet

22nd July 2006

In three years my opinion hasn’t changed. The best thing on the internet is still Elbow’s cover of Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women, performed by Joel Veitch’s northern kittens outside The Gun public house.

Or am I wrong?


# Cola responded on 22nd July 2006 with...

Oh you are very very right. For the last 3 years it’s been a sub-mission of mine to pass this gem of a Joel Veitch flash movie onto everyone I know. Initially I thought only the Brits would “get it” - but it’s become a firm favourite of pals who live as far as Sydney and Tokyo. So that told me, eh!  Off to play it at full volume.  Have a super weekend, Simon.

# Nick Toye responded on 22nd July 2006 with...

I don’t think it gets much better than this, I really don’t.

# Carolyn responded on 22nd July 2006 with...

I was transfixed.

# Julian responded on 22nd July 2006 with...

Yes, you are absolutely right. Its still quite a close one between this and the We like the moon song that me and a friend of mine would sing every evening a couple of years ago though. We still do it once in a while. Favourite song ever.

# Karl responded on 22nd July 2006 with...

haha, yes. “Gay bar” is a close second :-)

# Eero responded on 23rd July 2006 with...

Fantastic enough for me to actually de-lurk.


# Simon responded on 24th July 2006 with...

There’s another great Elbow cover - albeit without kittens - that they did for Radio 1, they did ‘1 Thing’ by Amerie. Someone must have put it on the web by now. It’s genius!

# Ross Bruniges responded on 24th July 2006 with...

While I appreciate the lyrics may not be as ‘good’ I still prefer the bizareness of badger badger badger - they also have a football version now!

# Olly responded on 25th July 2006 with...

Look, now I know it’s funny and all that and I did nearly wee when I first saw it, but the best thing ont’interweb? That’s a big thing to say that is.

I like this.

Can’t help it, it’s a rare bit of utter bleedin’ genius, and it’s South Korean. And it’s by a woman. And all of the music is great, and it’s been there for years, and it keeps getting added to, and, and, and, etc, etc, etc.

I especially recommend the one called “Samsung means to come”.

Top Smart.

# Simon Collison responded on 26th July 2006 with...

Wow! I didn’t expect so many people to agree. Bless you all!

# Maaike responded on 1st August 2006 with...

I agree. Those kittens rule, period.

# Darren Hoyt responded on 3rd August 2006 with...


Far as memes & music go otherwise, the Zizou headbutt song is pretty infectious:

# Maaike responded on 4th August 2006 with...

Sorry I just HAVE to mention this as well:

# Tom Oakes responded on 11th August 2006 with...

I’d have to say I much prefer Electric Six’s “Gay Bar”, and the viking kittens doing Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, which has been removed from, but can be easily found via a Google.

# luxuryluke responded on 15th August 2006 with...

You kill me. Oxton just sent that link to me again.
I love playing it.

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