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Five Years of Quiet Revolution

13th November 2009

Nice people sometimes ask where the videos of my talks are. Well, most of my presentations have not been recorded, were screwed up during recording, are being sat on by the organisers, or were recorded in the dark without a mic.

Thus, I’m especially pleased that our wonderful, laid-back friends at Whoooz! have been feverishly uploading well-produced videos from last month’s EECI2009 conference.

Alongside talks from EllisLab, Veerle, Leevi Graham, Brandon and others to follow, my EECI2009 tale Five Years of Quiet Revolution is up on the EECI2009 Vimeo page, on the complete page of videos/slideshows, and is also embedded below, alongside my slides.

My sincere apologies for the shirt. It’s Primarni.

Finally, look out for @eeci2010 on Twitter, as there will be some announcements about next year’s events on or around 30th November 2009.


# Simonski responded on 17th November 2009 with...

It’s as good second time round mate. Some of the jokes are killers. I am sure I can hear Pitto, Swinbrook and myself laughing.

Very proud…

# Micah responded on 1st December 2009 with...

Great job on the stand up presentation was great to hear from you why things are the way they are and I wish you the best on another 5 years of great success.

Of course you may want to think about a better shirt next time, one that does you justice!

# Goran Anicic responded on 5th December 2009 with...

Great job and congratulations, 5 years is a long period.

# Simon Collison responded on 21st January 2010 with...

Sorry, final pre-launch (Monday 25th I expect) test comment. Forgive the email notification.


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